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Travel to bali - thing to do in bali

hello world, do you have a plan to travel to indonesia? do you have plane come to bali? enjoy your holiday in bali? i have list alot of things that you can do in bali indonesia.
if you travel to bali indonesia you must do our list of activity and enjoy your holiday. here is some list of things that you can do in bali.

Hard Rock Hotel –
This is a favorite for kids. Although located in downtown Kuta, there is enough going on in the resort to keep the whole family entertained all day. Waiters on monocycles serve the delicious western and Asian style food to you circus style. You can swim over to watch the band while it bashes out some great tunes that the whole family will love from a small island beach area in the middle of the pool. You can play beach volleyball on real sand on the island and if it gets all too much, then you can hire a private cabana, which sits on stilts in the water and dive off your own balcony if you wish. The kids can choose to slide down the two waterslides into the pool or may want a break from Mom & Dad and retire to the Kids Club. Evenings are just as fun as yet another band will entertain you Unplugged Style at Center Stage located in the Front Lobby Lounge Area. Budding singers will appreciate cutting their very own CD at the hotels state of the art professional music studio for a very competitive fee. A personal CD is an amazing keepsake and is the best gift for all the Grandparents and family back home! Massage and spa treatments are also available – so there is definitely something for everyone. Plan to spend the entire day at the Hard Rock (you can pay a small fee at the entrance for a day pass) or stay on in the super cool rooms complete with a great in room boom box or listen to Hard Rock radio hosted live from its own DJ Booth located in the hotel on your TV – it is well worth it.

Waterbom –
Another full day out. Waterbom is located in the heart of Kuta and has something for everyone. The park is set in a beautiful tropical Balinese garden paradise with 14 waterslides, relaxation pools and numerous leisure facilities. There are water features for all whether you prefer a leisurely river ride or a fast and furious tube ride. The harnessed bungee jumping swing was a huge hit for my kids and if you have a child who will not smile and pose for you in ordinary circumstances, then put them on this and click away. Massage and spa facilities are available as well. Open 9 am-6 pm.

Surfing –
Kuta and Legian are world famous for their “Learn to Surf Schools”, and if you or your children have ever had an interest in this sport, then this is the place to try it out. The nice thing about Indonesia of course, is the warm ocean water. Perfect for learning. The 6 km beach break stretching from Kuta to Petitenget has a range of waves and ideal conditions for learning. The School of Surf (Tel: 735 858) provides surf lessons for the uninitiated. Australian and Japanese instructors are available.

Shopping –
Too much choice to mention, but if you have ever wanted a leather jacket custom made, leather is big business in Bali indonesia. Bags, belts and footwear can all be found along Jl Legian. Surf wear shops abound in Kuta – you name it, its here: Mambo, Billabong, and Quicksilver and so on. If you have teenage kids they are bound to want to do the Jl Legian walk and discover them all. Bali Design, Gang Poppies II and Jl Legian have surf wear at more reasonable prices.

The best area for shopping is Jl Legian, Jl Bakungsari, Jl Melasti and nearby back lanes such as Poppies I and II. Shopping stretches all the way to Seminyak, where some of the funkiest shops exist and don’t forget the night markets. Jl Seminyak is where you will find some of the best buys in home wares and women’s fashions. This area is were the Bali resident expats always shop for the trendiest designs.

Adventure –
If you’re into adventure then it’s all available in Bali. ATV rides, mountain biking, white water rafting, trekking, 4WD Touring and Paddy Trekking it is all easily arranged. Padi Adventure is a pretty good one – Tel 289 748

Exploring by Car –
I would really recommend taking a driver and car rental and go off exploring for a day or two. The nice thing about taking a driver is their local knowledge and the places you can be taken that are totally off the tourist-beat. With your own wheels you have the flexibility to go at your own pace and spend time in places of your own choosing. You can simply stop the car for that awesome photo of a procession of Balinese women taking offerings to a temple or a special event. We stopped one afternoon, on the way back from Ubud - the kids were getting ratty in the back and we went scrambling up the rice terraces as the sun was setting. It was such a magical experience; we raced each other to the top and caught the most incredible views from last terrace. It is still one of the most memorable things I have done with my kids and it was totally impromptu. We could never have done that without a private car. Rp 250,000 per day including driver. There are many car operators, so ask your concierge for a recommendation but always remember that cars rented from the hotel will always cost much more than going direct to a car operator.

Cruises & Water Sports–
I think it is always nice to get out on a boat, and generally kids and boats go together. From Benoa Harbor you can catch a beach club cruise, luxury sailing catamaran, go out for fun on a banana boat, parasail, jet ski or get into some sea kayaking. Most kids love to fish and many of the boats are equipped with fishing gear. Fishing is a fun activity to do while the boat is moored for lunch or people are off snorkeling. Your driver can take you to any of the numerous locations on the harbor. Just remember to bargain! Again a good child/adult combination day out.

Restaurants and Dining
One of the most memorable things about Bali is the dining experience. It is simply out of this world and some of the most notable restaurants are either beachfront or near enough to the ocean to catch the breeze. The following restaurants are all located within walking distance from each other in the Seminyak area. Always bear in mind that bookings are considered essential at these very well known restaurants. In high season you may have to book days in advance.

Living Room –
Located on Jl Petitenget/Jl Seminyak this very romantic restaurant, is set in the open air with a magical tent-like atmosphere. Candlelit tables dot the large garden and cool music plays all night, with their own “Living Room Compilation CD” available on every table.

Ke de Ta –
Just along from the Oberoi Hotel, this is a total beachfront dining experience. Really nice Australian-style and international food with the coolest of d├ęcor and architectural design. You can spend many hours sitting on the deck over a meal and watch the world go by on the beach. Nice for breakfast, lunch or for dinner.

Gado-Gado –
Just along from Ke de Ta this a dining experience all to its own. Catch the ocean breezes at this legendary restaurant and dine out on the Balinese ambience at this very superb restaurant.

La Lucciola on Kayu Ayu Beach (Petitenget) is a perfect spot for a long breakfast/lunch or dinner. A beautiful open-air restaurant that is totally beachfront and the service is excellent. Nice Italian selection as well as western dishes. Good wine list. Sun loungers available and with a large grassy area opening out onto the beach, this is a good choice to share with kids and adults alike. A perfect spot for cocktails at sunset.

and many more things that you can do in bali indonesia and here is the list of nice places in bali travelplaces. if you have plan to travel here, read our list of location that make your holiday unforgotten moment in life.

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Indonesia Travel explore indonesia islands

Travel to indonesia alway run alot of time to explore all the places. indonesia has 17,508 islands lying astride the equator would need you to travel by inter-island ferries to reach other islands that offer the tourist their distinct traditions and cultures.
java is the biggest island in indonesia where the nation's capital is jakarta in java island.
indonesia travel leads you to picturesque destination whether you go for nature trekking near volcanos, or buddha temples, frolic in crystal clears water ofindonesia beaches

Begin your indonesia travel by touring around java island to shop to shop for necessities you need to bring along in the tours that would follow, or enjoy the amenities and warm accommodations of economy or five star hotels. You’ll also find Indonesia travel information in many places in Jakarta, or in the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, which by the way serves an increasing number of flights both international and domestic. Jakarta, in itself is a city of extremes. Modernity intertwines with a rich traditional culture, or witness the contrast of the haves and have-nots within this bustling metropolis.

Your next Indonesia travel would perhaps lead you to Central Java, considered also the center of Moslem religion, being the birthplace of the Moslem kingdom of the entire island in 1511, in Demak. Today, Demak is a quiet little town although some relics of the old culture remain preserved like the Grand Mosque, which gives the impression of Hindu and Islamic architecture blended together. East Java offers you breathtaking mountain sceneries and a good view of Mount Bromo, Melirang the “sulfur mountain”, and the rugged plateau of Lien. The island of Java has excellent means of communication as well as handcrafted souvenirs like the famous batik, jewelry, and leather works.

Meanwhile, for visitors coming from temperate regions, Indonesia travel is quite a break from the cold or winter breezes. The tropical climate constantly breathes humid weather (humidity ranges from 69-95%) and sunshine all year round even during the Wet season from November to April (note that there are only two seasons in Indonesia) while the dry season, from May to October, are hot.

One important Indonesia travel advisory for visitors is to prepare Visas and Passports valid for a minimum of six months. and you must read other advice to travel safety in indonesia

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Some advice for travellers to Bali indonesia.

here are some advice for you if you like totravel in bali indonesia.
Try to avoid official indonesia travel places unless you are in a big enough party to withstand the hassle. Bear in mind that the only thing that counts in indonesia places is your money. Train at home in running the gauntlet.
Don’t expect too much of scenic beauty in downtrodden places. Most of the beauty has already been obscured and hidden by shacks and concrete (e.g. the Ceking rice terraces). Like the Balinese turn your gaze upwards and don’t look down too often; rubbish usually collects downstairs in ditches and ravines.

Be prepared to pay for everything that bears the title “holy”. While it is true that temples need money for upkeeping, monkey forests don’t.

If a Balinese tries to cajole you into buying real estate (and believe me, they will), put plugs in your ears, run away or punch him in the nose because every deal ends up in making him rich and you having bought only a piece of paper.

When doing business bear in mind that many Balinese have been spoilt by easy tourist dollars and sometimes lack any sense of proportion when making offers. Javanese and other Indonesians usually take on a more realistic approach.

For those who are not adventurous, stay in your hotel, sip at a mojito or have a massage by the pool and enjoy the sunset. Sunsets are still for free, mojitos and massages are not.
For the intrepid and those with enough time, try to get acquainted with genuine Balinese families. If you find one that besides your money has also an interest in your persona, stick with them. They will show you places and let you experience events beyond your wildest imagination.

If by chance you discover “pearls” of dreamland beauty, shut up, enjoy the view and never mention it to anybody. Next time you visit, the place might be swarmed with thong-clad Aussies, hawkers and tukang ojek, or fenced in by developers and investment brokers for villas and condominiums.

lastly, hope you will come to indonesia expecialy travel to Bali indonesia. the amazing beach in the world.

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